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Friends ONLY!

Yeah so tons of people are leeching, and it's annoying. All you have to do is simply comment but no one does that so, now my journal is friends ONLY.

Rules for downloading...
1. Must be my friend, or else you won't be able to view the entries.
2. Must comment if you are downloading my uploads.



Shameless spam

Yeah so I am promoting my own site, live with it since this is my journal.

This is my domain site; it hosts two RPGs, a studio, and my friend's portfolio. The main domain, however, has download-able music and anime. So now go check it out!
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Bad news

Well stupid me...I forgot Five was dropped *sighs*

If anyone has downloaded it, and would like to continue the series until it was dropped then let me know and I will still upload it. Otherwise I'm going to put something else up. Don't know what yet but we'll see. For now we will stick with music. Lol. Baibai!

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Here's the deal...

So for the past two days mom has been sick. Then yesterday my computer got a virus. SO now I am stuck using the computer downstairs which means time is limited *hisses*. Anyway no downloads for a while since all of my stuff is on that computer upstairs. Sorry ;_;
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Happy new year!

Yes 2008 has come and gone. For me the year went by pretty quickly...and in 17 days I will be twenty woo hoo! Lol. Anyway I've decided that when we move to Maryland in two years I am going to go to a liberal arts college for music. I'll start out with flute and then once I have gotten pretty good with the cello and/or violin I will do that as well. We can thank Kanon Wakeshima and Nodame Cantabile for this sudden change in major. I have always loved music but never thought of becoming a pro. But after watching Wakeshima-san perform I've been motivated to move forward with that talent of mine. Heh...

So yeah nothing to release today sorry ^^; I got busy today and never had time to upload anything. I promise I will put stuff up tomorrow though. Friday evening I am leaving for my boyfriend's house until Sunday so do not expect anything again until I get back.

Oh and one more thing...I know people are coming and downloading my files -and I would appreciate it if you left me a comment just so I know what all is being downloaded and by who *shrugs* just a request.

Well ta ta loves!

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To party or not to party...

...that is the question. Lol, hey folks. Well there is a new years eve party at my friend Sam's house tomorrow -er, tonight- and I don't know what I should do. For one most of the people that will be there I don't know or haven't seen since highschool. Plus my boyfriend might feel obligated to just hang around me and I want him to have a good time too *sighs*

Anyway, ever heard of Framing Hanley?? Omg they are awesome, lol. Nixon is SOOOOO hott XD And I'm not one to get all ga-ga over idols but Hmmm what else. Well I can't think of anything so tomorrow I will upload some music for ya. 
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Late postage

Well Merry Christmas everyone :) My uncle came down this morning -whoo hoo -__- Yeah he isn't my favorite person in the world. Way too opinionated for my taste lol. Anyway let's see what all I got:

A cute little robot
A robotic dragonfly
MaryKay perfume and lipgloss
$25 WalMart gift card

Not much but who cares, still a good Christmas so far. I'm going to my boyfriend's house tonight and will be gone until Sunday evening, woot!

(P.S. This was meant to be posted yesterday but my computer crapped out on me ^^; )

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